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Details of Prize Sessions

Prize Name
Essential Requirements /Category Award Details
The presenting author age limit shall be below 35 years on the date of presentation Cash award up to Rs. 50,000*/-and Certificate and Medal**
Research work in clinical Pharmacology carried out in India Cash award up to Rs. 50,000*/- and Certificate and Medal**
IPS-Gufic Prize
Research work in Indigenous medicines in India Cash award up to Rs. 50,000* and Certificate and Medal**
IPS-OD Gulati
Research work is in field of Cardiovascular, Autacoids and autonomic pharmacology Cash award up to Rs. 50,000*/- and Certificate and Medal**
IPS-Prof. Manjeet Singh
Research work in the field of Molecular Pharmacology Cash award up to Rs. 50,000*/- and Certificate and Medal**
IPS-PC Dandiya
Best Poster Presentation in Annual Conference in any Pharmacology related research area*** Cash award up to Rs. 50,000*/- and Certificate and Medal**

*Prize money will be decided by the Indian Pharmacological Society

**Certificate and medal will be provided by the LOC, 52nd IPSCON 2023

*** This is excluding the best poster award at non prize session  


Guidelines for Prize Sessions

  1. Only Life members of the Indian Pharmacological Society (IPS) are eligible to compete in the prize session, for the work carried out in Indian Laboratories.
  2. The presenting author must be a registered delegate for the 52nd Annual Conference of IPS-2023 (52nd IPSCON 2023).
  3. One person is allowed to present only one paper in the prize session.
  4. The person who presents the paper should be first author of the paper.
  5. Abstract for the prize session shall be submitted online after registration at
  6. Please look into the area of research work, where an individual can submit the abstract (Details can be obtained in the above table).
  7. The Local Organizing Committee of 52nd IPSCON 2023 shall appoint evaluators for judging the best abstract based on originality, quality of work, interpretation of data and method of presentation for each stream.
  8. Only best 20 abstracts will be selected for the presentation at each stream (including PC Dandiya poster prize)
  9. Selection of the abstract will be the rights of SSC and based on the marks given by the evaluators.
  10. No communication will be entertained in discussion of basis of selection or rejection of the abstract.
  11. The abstract not selected for the prize sessions may be considered for poster/oral session in non-prize sessions.
  12. Permission from the presenting author will be sought before consideration.
  13. Invitation to the best 20 shortlisted authors will be given to submit full length paper through
  14. Full paper of the selected abstract shall be submitted on or before 30th Jan 2023 to the Organizing Secretary at
  15. 20 Best abstracts will be allowed to present during the conference and will be evaluated by the evaluators appointed by the SSC.
  16. Each presentation will be evaluated originality, quality of work, methodology, interpretation of results and way of presentation & defence.
  17. Best one presentation from each stream will be given cash price, certificate and medal

 Guidelines for Preparation of Abstract

  1. The abstract must be written in good English and provide an informative summarizing the research work.
  2. Font types: Times New Roman
  3. Font size:
    • Title: 14 font
    • List of authors: 12 font
    • Affiliations: 10 font
    • Presenting author’s email: 10 font
    • Main body of text: 12 font
    • Key Words: 12 font, italics.
  4. The overall word count of the abstract should not exceed 250 words.
  5. Abstract body: The abstract shall comprise of an introductionaim & objectives, methods, results, summary, conclusion, and keywords as per the given template.
  6. Abbreviations or acronyms, except units of measurement and those that are widely used or known, should be defined at first mention.
  7. Please use the template published on the website to help you prepare the abstract for poster and oral presentation. (
  8. Originality, plagiarism, ethical approval, copyright: It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure originality of the research, as well as the abstract and posters. It is also the responsibility of the authors to ensure appropriate ethical/regulatory approval taken wherever applicable for the images/data/research material which is presented in this congress. 
  9. Any clarifications regarding abstracts submission should correspond to with the subject of the mail.


  Dr. K L Krishna 

Organizing Secretory 

52nd IPSCON 2023